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Managing your credentials has never been easier. 


How It Works

We Make Credential Management Seamless!


Why Choose TIB Secured


All Inclusive Platform

TIB Secured was created to seamlessly connect all types of physical security specialists and those who require services. Whether you are a client looking to find a reputable security company, a security officer, a security company, a training company, or a union; you can use our system to manage your day to day business and make your life a whole lot easier. 


Cloud Platform

Using innovative cloud technology TIB Secured offers you everything you need to manage your business all in one place, from multiple devices, anywhere you are in the world. 

Server Protection

TIB Secured uses SSL certificates for secure transactions and state of the art server protection to safeguard your personal data. 


Andriod App Available

Our Apple app is coming soon. Check back for availability or sign up for email notifications below. 

Supported Accounts

Mobilizing Physical Security Solutions

Individual Accounts

Starting at $7.99 Monthly

Security Professionals can create independent accounts that allow them to connect with employers who use our platform, manage credentials with push notifications, connect with unions on our platform, and find credential support companies and trainers to maintain their credentials.  

Security Companies

As Low As $199 per Month

Security companies can manage their employee's credentials to ensure everyone stays within contractual compliance. Even better, create and schedule employee training classes right from your dashboard. 


As Low As $79.99 Monthly

Need to stay connected with site employees? Well, with our platform you can create voting ballets, post to a site-wide message board, schedule zoom meetings, and so much more. Modernize your business to increase union employees' interaction and satisfaction. 

Credential Support

As Low As $79.99 Monthly

Establish the presence of your training  business by connecting directly to your consumer base. Create exclusve contracts with employer's and get listed in our database so employees can secure your services. Sign up now or give us a call to learn more. 



Are Independent accounts individually functional?

Absolutely, Independent accounts are functional without connecting to any union or employer. Without connections, you can manage your credential expiration dates and create a profile for employers to view and hire you from. 

Can independent accounts connect to more than one employer?

Yes, that's the beauty of the system. Individual accounts can connect to multiple employers or the same employer multiple times with different permissions depending on the site. You can be a project manager for one site and a security officer for another site, all while managing your interactions under the same account. 

Can I create free employee accounts under my company account?

Yes, every Company package includes a standard amount of free accounts so that your management team can help you run your business effectively without cost to them. 

Where do I update my personal settings?

All accounts capable of creating a profile can do so by clicking the "My Profile" tab available under their accounts profile image. If you need assistance with changing your information, please contact support and select "Profile Update" as the ticket title. You must log in to your account to submit a ticket or call support directly. 

What Can We Help You With?

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