How we give back!

TIB Secured is committed to building and cultivating economically challenged neighborhoods in and around Baltimore, Maryland. We just want to do our part in leaving the world better than we found it! 

What We Stand For


We believe in bringing people together and empowering people through normal day to day activity. You never know the impact you will have, so we strive to demonstrate unity and dedication to our higher purpose in all things we do. 

Positive Progress

Pay it forward! We strive to provide a foundation for progression, progressive thinking, and innovative people who know the societal challenges we face today will be memories we leave in the dark. We believe in light, individuality, personal power, and continuously improving inadequate conditions. 


We are nothing without our goal to serve humanity. We believe in our ability to contribute to changing the narrative and leveling the playing field for those disadvantaged by police brutality, failed and/or outdated law enforcement systems, and lack of resources to successfully perform public service duties. 


For us, accountability means striving to influence change where we recognize deficiencies. This goes for our company, our local communities, and the law enforcement industry globally. We will leave the world better than we found it. 


We will provide supportive services to communities, individuals, and our clients. Our goal is to place at the fingertips of all law enforcement specialist, the opportunity to get the supportive services they need to be more effective at performing their duties. Starting with our in-app therapeutic and personal wellbeing center. 


We know it is not enough to create programs to assist. People need to be able to access the programs readily and easily. In the age of information, we strive to modernize communities in partnership with various organizations to create hubs for community members to have access to valuable resources. 

As we grow, so will our reach!


"Change is slow, always has been, always will be" JCole

No matter how slow change occurs, we continue to push forward and ignite the humanity in each and every person we encounter. Hatred is a condition of lovelessness. Love is the remedy!